Web design

Good web design

Web design encompasses a lot, everything from creating a structure that supports the purpose of the website to picking out an appealing graphic design.

Good web design is to some extent about creating a nice and attractive exterior, but it is also at least as much about function and content. Design is about so much more than coding a website. With good design, your visitors stay on the page. Good websites provide information clearly and efficiently, allowing users to intuitively find their way through the website.

Seven steps to better web design

Remember that the website should give a good overall impression.

  1. Simplicity. Keep It Simple
  2. Use few columns.
  3. Use large images.
  4. Centered layout. A central layout provides a more direct appeal.
  5. Go for long pages. We are used to scrolling.
  6. Easy navigation. The navigation on a website should be easy to find, understand and return to.
  7. Align with a grid.

Important to remember when building your website

  • Be clear
  • Lift up what is most important
  • Create a first impression with the visuals on your page
  • Keep the visitor’s attention on the page
  • Always have a Call-To-Action on the page

Responsive web design

Today, responsive web design is standard. Responsive design means that a website is adapted to those who visit the website. The site should handle visits from computers as well as mobile phones and tablets.

The website adapts its appearance and layout depending on the type of device the visitor uses when visiting the website. The website adapts to the screen size and resolution of the visitor’s screen.

A website without a clear strategy is rarely profitable. A good web design means that you stick to a certain standard. The menu should be placed so that people find and preferably where you expect it to be otherwise important parts can disappear in the amount of information.