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Graphic profile – that’s why you need one

A graphic profile can be described as a set of rules or a manual for how a company’s visual material should look and be used.

The profile can vary from company to company. Most often this is due to the size of the company. The profile should include a logo, colors, fonts, imagery and so on. A graphic profile should reflect the entire company outwards. A clear profile creates recognition and should be able to be used on all even channels such as on the website, on products and in ads, in social media and in the office.

When the profile is good, it builds recognition and trust in the company and the brand. It is important not to underestimate this. A clear visual identity forms a common thread in the company’s communication.

What can a graphic profile look like?

A profile can be made both simple and advanced. Larger companies usually have more advanced profiles. The important thing is that the profile is clear and not scattered. Are you looking for inspiration? Check out these 50 amazingly talented graphic designers.

Social media

How to create a social media strategy

A social media strategy should be the basis for your presence and help you achieve the goals you have set. Everything you do in social media, all posts you post should have a purpose. The strategy should answer why, who, what, where.

Set a measurable goal that is reasonable to reach. The most important thing is to set an overall goal with the presence in social media. Without goals, you do not know when you have succeeded.

Set your social media strategy

Who is your target audience? The more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be. Who are your competitors? Keeping track of your competitors is important.

By checking how things are going for your posts in each platform, you can easily see what works and what does not work. Look at who is following you and what social media your target audience is using. Also look at how your presence is on social media compared to your competitors.

Remember to measure and follow up

Review and improve your social media. Go through all the accounts and optimize the content. When you have your social media running, it is important to be active. By planning which posts to publish and where you get better control. A strategy is incredibly important for your company’s success in social media. Even if you have written a strategy, remember that you must measure and follow up.