Lumenup encode to reach perfection. We are ready to get into any digital solution.

Great Solutions

Great Solutions

We make an effort to get to know our clients because, when all’s said and done, their needs are our needs. As Ty Bennett once sad “People Do Business With People They Know, Like, Trust and Value”. And we can not agree more!


LumenUp is committed to offering our clients the best quality results. Consequently, our focal point consists in providing quality services of the highest standard. We believe that good service is to be responsive and show respect. We think that good service is very important! We want a good dialogue and to be sensitive to the customer’s needs. Good service and treatment is about communication.



Innovation is our decree. New trends in design, technology, and creativity must be understood and implemented in order to create exceptional digital solutions. Good innovation is crucial for the future of many businesses. The ability to innovate is crucial for how a company develops and creates new business opportunities.


We are lovers of the internet, and as such, we believe in its importance. The work we do is guided by our enthusiasm. For this reason, we always establish a personal connection with the products we create. As Christian Morgenstern said, “Enthusiasm is the most beautiful word on earth”. Enthusiasm is also contagious.

Web design

Seven steps to better web design

Web design encompasses a lot, everything from creating a structure that supports the purpose of the website to picking out an appealing graphic design.

Good web design is to some extent about creating a nice and attractive exterior, but it is also at least as much about function and content. Design is about so much more than coding a website. With good design, your visitors stay on the page. Good websites provide information clearly and efficiently, allowing users to intuitively find their way through the website. Read more…

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and WordPress

User friendly website with WordPress and Lumenup

User-friendly website, apps and e-commerce with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and WordPress. From design to strategy and technology to optimization and development.

A user-friendly website must have mobile compatibility, good content, fast load time, effective navigation and much more. When you as a company have to choose a publishing tool/CMS for your website, there are many things to keep in mind. WordPress is free and perfect for SEO! Read more…

Search engine optimize your images to benefit your SEO

Search engine optimize images to benefit your SEO

Search engine optimize images to make posts more visible. But what does image optimization in SEO really mean?

A picture is worth a thousand words if the pictures you show are suitable for the context. Images enhance the experience on a web page and ensure that you get a good experience of the site and that the visitor stays. Read more…

Web design

Web design – usability, design, structure and standards

Web design is important because your website is one of the company’s most important assets. A well-thought-out and attractive website can make a big difference when you want to reach potential new customers.

The graphic design of a website is extremely important. It is often the website that gives the first impression. Read more…

We enlighten your business


We develop all kinds of websites, from landing pages to complex responsive and animated sites. We provide support and insight to all stages involved in website development: conceptualization, content generation, information architecture, development, testing, and monthly maintenance.


Additionally, LumenUp offers maintenance services for websites that need daily or monthly updates and/or changes. This includes the use of various technologies as well as taking special care of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of making your site better for the search engines. 

Social Media

We have worked in the development of custom apps for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram integrations, among many others. Social media marketing is an advantage for many startups as it is easily accessible and you can quickly and easily get attention for a service or product.


We are eager to assist in any e-marketing campaign for your business in the form of content generation, HTML design, HTML production, and email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is profitable and has a higher chance of conversion.


Our app repertoire includes native apps (for IOs, Android, and Windows) as well as Web apps (phonegap, titanium). For inspiration, check out the hottest app trends for 2021. The three most popular apps 2021 was TikTok with 656 million downloads followed by Instagram, 545 million downloads and Facebook with 416 million downloads.

Banner Campaigns

Our team excels in creating eye-catching banners, which may include animation depending on our your needs.